Which crystal is right for you?

This is a short list of crystals that can aid you in your journey to better health and self care.

Crystals for Weight Loss

Blue Apatite- this crystal is known as a hunger suppressant and can help reduce urges for unhealthy cravings. It can also help increase metabolic rate which can help shed excessive weight.

Amethyst- this crystal can assist in detoxing the body and burning calories. It can also help to break negative eating habits and food addictions, aiding in sticking to your diet.

Rose Quartz- this crystal is known for its self love powers, and in your weight loss journey can help repair toxic relationships with food and emotional eating.

Crystals for Manifestation

Citrine- this crystal aids in mental persistence and focus. Along with helping your confidence and determination it is the perfect aid in manifesting a better you.

Orange Calcite- this crystal can help restore and strengthen your mental resolve, helps dissipate negative energy blocks and can help heal past trauma. It also helps with protection from the evil eye and radiation.

Crystals for Better Sleep

Black Obsidian- this is the perfect crystal for restful sleep as it helps transmute negative energy and frees the mind of outside disturbance.

Smokey Quartz- this crystal can help ground you and make you feel at one with the earth and can help protect from nightmares.

Moonstone- this crystal is well known to calm body functions, and is definitely good on nights you may feel restless.

Crystals to Ease Anxiety

Black Tourmaline- this crystal, a bit like Smokey quartz, is known to help ground you and can disperse tension.

Howlite- this crystal aids in the promotion of patience, can help ease emotional and external turbulence and can aid in calm communication.

Fluorite- this crystal is known to assist in making well informed decisions in times where you are overwhelmed and distant from your emotional center.

****For these crystals to aid you in all of your journeys regarding your personal well being, it is best to keep them near you and be mindful of your intentions while using them. I recommend keeping small crystals with you most of the time. This can be as simple as keeping small stones in your pocket or in a pouch in your purse. My daughter is known to keep a rose quartz in her bra near her heart to promote self love. You can also keep them near your bed on your nightstand, it is truly up to you.

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