Morning routine checklist:

Let’s face it, having a morning routine really does set the pace and mood for the day.

So why not make it a good one!

Here are a few of my favorite ways to make sure i have a good start for the day.

  1. WAKE UP EARLY : I know, it’s really hard, but trust me on this! I normally wake up between 4:30-5:00 A.M., i know it sounds insane, but this has proven to be the best time for me.

  2. MAKE YOUR BED : I know this is another tough one for some, but making the bed leaves you with a clean and organized space to come back to.

  3. TIDY UP YOUR SPACE : This means pick up what needs to be picked up. Same concept as making the bed. The goal here is having a space that brings you peace and comfort at the end of the day.

  4. EXERCISE OR STRETCH : Your body has just been at rest for the last 6-8 hours (hopefully) so it needs a little waking up!

  5. TAKE A LUKEWARM SHOWER : So you’ve woken up your body, let’s wake up your skin! Simple enough right?!

  6. PRACTICE GRATITUDE: One of the things i do while i shower, is to thank my higher power for waking me up, for giving me another day to do something right, for running water to bathe in, for the air i breathe and a few other personal things.

  7. SET INTENTION FOR THE DAY : Here’s where the real work comes in. Setting your intention for the day can be as simple as remembering to water the plants, to as intense as getting a list of work done by a certain time. This is entirely up to you as you see fit for your day.

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